The K-POP world will be completed with the comeback of BIGBANG, which BTS’s members longed for!

BIGBANG “Still Life”

Upper left T.O.P. ,Upper right G-DRAGON ,Lower left SOL ,Lower right D-LITE

This is the last BIGBANG “Good Boy” at MAMA in 2014 !! J-Hope, SUGA, and V….Please look at their reactions!!

I think ARMY has seen the video below once. 

BIGBANG’s “FANTASTIC BABY” where V and JIMIN are crazy about dancing. In addition to this, I also watched the video of JIMIN singing SOL (BIGBANG)’s solo song “EYES, NOSE, LIPS” (eyes, nose, mouth).

Anyway, at that time, BIGBANG was the main event of the annual MAMA festival, and I think most of the professional boy groups and trainees, including BTS, longed for BIGBANG.

JIMIN and V are dancing the choreography of “FANTASTIC BABY” in the dressing room. This turn of JIMIN seems to be a dance part of SOL.
V seems to like this choreography quite a lot, and even after JIMIN finished dancing, he continued for a long time.
 I think this video was from around 2014, so BIGBANG was also in its heyday.


Anyway, the charisma of G-DRAGON was amazing, and I felt like a group leader everyone longed for.

They (JIMIN &V) are imitating the choreography below. … 

This “FANTASTIC BABY” was a big hit in Europe and the United States, jumping over the genre of K-POP, and BIGBANG was recognized as a group with a fashionable and core image. In particular, the fashion sense and songwriting of the main vocalist G-DRAGON have always been a trend of the times.

J-Hope copied the difficult choreography that the back dancer danced in the dance version of SOL (BIGBANG)’s the solo song “RINGA LINGA”! 

This is a copy of the back dancer part in the GIF below, but I was surprised at how to get the perfect sound like King of Dance, but SOL is also a charismatic dancer like G-DRAGON.
This is a difficult dance with a slight shift in the way the sound is taken. Check out “RINGA LINGA” on youtube! !!

However, bad luck comes to such a group (V.I’s Burning Sun scandal)

The Burning Sun scandal is a general term for a series of incidents and suspicions that began with the assault that occurred in November 2018 at the nightclub “Burning Sun” in a hotel in Seoul, South Korea. Since V.I, a member of the popular group BIGBANG (at that time), was involved, it developed into a big scandal involving the entertainment and political and business worlds.

On March 11th, V.I announced his retirement from the entertainment world. On the 13th, YG Entertainment of the affiliated office canceled the exclusive contract with V.I.

All military service was completed by the end of 2019, but the recovery from the image down, in this case, seemed to require considerable energy and time.

This MV was released on April 5, 2022, after a gap of about 4 years, and it became a new song.

BIGBANG sings not only the flow and changes of the seasons but also the cycle of the world that blooms and scatters without any effort through “Still Life”. It metaphorically expresses the biased feelings toward the days gone by, the hope for the future, and the difficulties of the past.

 I think it’s a wonderful song that shines with BIGBANG’s delicate sensibility.

BTS is now a trend of the times and is traveling around the world, but I think BIGBANG is on the top of another mountain as a legend in the K-POP world.

The gentle and transparent worldview that seems to break when touched is alive and well, the voices of G-DRAGON and SOL are comfortable and delicate, and the singing voice of D-LITE has a beauty that seems to reach heaven. With the rap of T.O.P., the harmony of 4 people and 4 colors suitable for the title of Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter is exquisite.

“Oh, BIGBANG is back!”

I was relieved to hear this song for some reason.

When the new song was released, T.O.P. posted a comment on his Instagram on April 5th, suggesting his withdrawal. Meet again and break up again. … It seems that this song was announced to take a break in the fate of the twists and turns of the group BIGBANG. It’s a song that condenses the thoughts of the four people.

But the true resurrection and rebirth are yet to come.

BTS, which is now outstandingly popular and unrivaled, is of course wonderful, but the resurrection of the longing seniors will also brilliantly color the K-POP world. I think that the composition with legend BIGBANG and BTS is a group and culture that Korea can be proud of in the world, with a high level of musicality and artistry of K ~ POP.

Thank you to everyone who read it.