The death of Jonghyun, who belonged to SHINee, was a turning point for K-POP!

This article was posted in March 2018.

The 5 members are Onew, Taemin, Jonghyun, Minho, and Key from the left.

This “EVERY BODY” scene is really amazing! !!


Jonghyun … I feel very sad when I think of him

He entrusted a suicide note to a friend during his lifetime and asked him to show it to people after his death.

It was so pure that he seemed to be honest with himself.

Some try to convince themselves with the words, “He must have been ill, he seems depressed.” But that may not be the case. I think this happened in the Korean entertainment world and the talented people, power, money, fame, etc. that gathered there, especially in the current situation where old and new are being replaced. ..

In Japan, TVXQ appeared on Japanese television at the end of last year, and BTS appeared at the golden time of the night of this year. I’m Japanese, but every time I was impressed by the greatness of their songs and dances and the wonderful series of BTS, I always wondered why it was so different from Japanese show business.

TVXQ fans and SHINee fans have something in common. Fans are always watching over them with their warm hearts.

BTS has created a whole new wave. The next generation will be led by teenage saviors.

Truly completely different K-POP idols.

The current state of K-POP is high quality, such as high physical ability and skills, singing ability, a lot of practice, high awareness, etc. Many students gather at the audition, and most of them cannot pass the audition. .. Very few talented people finally make their debut after spending time as trainees. And even after the debut, the tough race continues. Among them, BTS is currently the most prominent group. Finally last year, they went to an American sign and made fans enthusiastic.

K-POP was very popular in America, but Jonghyun ended his life at that time.

“Don’t blame me for anyone. Say I did a good job. Goodbye!”

I think these were Jonghyun’s honest words.

Of course, everyone admits that Jonghyun was a great genius singer and dancer.

But he thought he had to work harder, and he seems to have risen higher in his consciousness. (BTS footage has nothing to do with his death. Posted as a representative of the next generation.)

The new transition period for K-POP is now! (in 2018)

The K-POP genre is currently established but is still in transition.

The old and the new are changing.

The division and dissolution of the female group that built one era such as Sister, Girls’ Generation, and 2NE1, the dissolution of the male group that created a unique melody like BEAST, and the suspension of BIGBANG due to enlistment. The underlying group has disappeared, and next-generation boys and girls groups such as BTS, TWICE, and BLACK PINK have appeared, and similar groups are crowded.

Jonghyun’s death was like the last stand of a talented artist trying to be buried in the times.

I heard that SHINee’s concert of 5 members became even 4 was wonderful too.

Even when TVXQ became two, Japanese fans responded with an affectionate reaction.

Japanese fans have a strong desire to support idols who are struggling to overcome the current situation.

However, I thought that the hole opened by Jonghyun’s absence was big.

(I thought at the time of writing this article, but then SHINee overcame this difficult situation with the rest of the members. This can’t be done with normal effort. Japanese fans who support it are Just as great as a fan of TVXQ.)

After his death, Billboard reported his talent

According to the US Billboard chart on January 30th (local time), Jonghyun’s last album “Poet Artist” ranked 177th on the Billboard 200 chart. He made his name on this chart for the first time and impressed his fans.
Released on January 23, this album contains 11 songs from various genres, including the title song “Shinin”.
Immediately after its release, the album topped the iTunes album charts in all 24 countries, including Europe and the United States, including Asia, Japan and Hong Kong, attracting music fans around the world.

Reading this news reminded me of his talent.

Japanese SHINee fans still believe that there are five members of SHINee.

I wrote about the singer saved by Lee Hi’s “BREATHE” in the blog I posted yesterday.

I think Jonghyun’s feelings still heal people’s hearts and continue to live among their fans.