one of the theme of “WINGS” by BTS (How do you get over the problem at the age of 15? )

If there was BTS at that time, it might have been crazy about the world and reflected in the surroundings, like a girl who was crazy about idols. BTS is a rescuer for teens with these problems!
A girl from ARMY (BTS fan) was interviewed during their European tour. What’s so good about BTS? “I used to suffer from depression, but now that I’m a fan of BTS, I’ve overcome it and I’m fine.”

How do you get over the problem at the age of 15?

 I think the first thing everyone suffers in life is the 15-year-old third-year, a junior high school student.
Occasionally, a 15-year-old child can surprise the world with a terrible incident.
But every time I see such an incident, I always think they couldn’t get over it.

I had a hard time when I was 15 years old

 First of all, what are you living for? That is my question.
If you live without thinking, you will become a high school student and a college student, marry someone and give birth, and if you think that your child will grow up and have a family, and that child will be another family, I feel like dying.

Many children of the same age were anxious to pass and enroll in school.
I was a junior high school student, but I didn’t like the innocent and beautiful appearance of the girls who were about to bloom.

I felt the power to see the near and far future with her eyesight without doubting how to walk. On the contrary, I was afraid of their strength.

I felt like I was wandering around without a place to return as if the kite had no handle.

After thinking about it, I started reading the novel, but when I arrived at Osamu Dazai, it became even more complicated.
It wasn’t an accumulation because I was impressed by the dangerous “human disqualification” and “sunset” of Osamu Dazai.

 Human disqualification
“I’m sorry to be born”
It starts with, so it’s a complete negation.

It is said that he was disqualified as a person who should not be born and finally he drowned and committed suicide.
A “shadow” depicting the decadent beauty of a fallen aristocrat
It already hurts when I awaken to such a decadent truth at the age of fifteen.

In particular, I repeatedly read “human disqualification”, interpreted it in my way, and suffered, and when I participated in the school reading contest, I won the championship with more than 300 participants.

Acclaimed by the judges
“You dig very deep and decipher.”
I have been told.

Yes, the novel at that time was the voice of my heart, and the “human disqualification” was the Bible.

 Insensitive adult

The teacher would have praised me for his impression, but for me, it was a confession of a dark idea that was not suitable for a 15-year-old girl.

I still don’t know why 15 years old is dangerous, but the following year I will be a high school student and will go back and forth between adults and children for three years after graduating from elementary school. It’s pretty close to an adult who can’t make excuses anymore.

Looking around adults, it seems that everyone is spending their days. But I don’t think I can live that way.
As an adult, I feel like I’m losing my pure part every day and becoming insensitive.

Such impatience and conflict increasingly distort the thinking circuit.
Gradually, I’m fascinated by darkness rather than brightness.
I’m crazy about denying others.

It seems that I was fascinated by monsters!

Curiously, however, as soon as I entered high school, my feelings changed 180 degrees as if I had lost my attachment. I also stopped reading Dazai, who was crazy about it.

as calm like a lie.
I didn’t do anything special. However, I indeed realized that this was growth.

I am deeply grateful to BTS for taking on such a theme and releasing songs close to teens’ troubles.

Thank you for reading my blog.