Maki Midori’s theory of “WINGS” and RM’s message

This is a full-text reading.

・This article was released after “WINGS” MV publication shortly.


The “WINGS” story goes on

In this time of “WINGS”, which “Demian” of Hermann Hesse is reading, the story has also been assembled along with it. I won’t solve each of the MV’s mystery; I want to talk about the theme of series which is RM’s message. In “BEGIN”, there is a scene Jungkook answered at 15 years old. I have thought that this age is the most defenseless and close to death, for a long time. It seems that Teens are protected by society with the sweet phrase adolescence. Adults want to have teens’ image shining under the sun. However, I think this is the most dangerous stage in our life; he is the 15 years old. All adults, wear a thick armor. The armor is protected by many excuses and lies. They can avoid a lot of trouble day -to-day, because the trouble can’t directly touch their skin. They are dressed with an insensitive force.

“WINGS”……I thought about why RM strained so much on the dark theme so far.



However, at the beginning of the “BEGIN” MV, Jungkook said he is 15 years old, with Japanese subtitles attached. When I watched the subtitle, I felt shocked for a moment. And I was convinced to read “Demian” of Hermann Hesse.

RM’s message isn’t dark and doesn’t want to tell us any negative images/messages

RM is saying to all of teens, Absolutely dangerous times don’t lend a hand to the devil. A small lie grows up be a big crime. Danger is always next to friends of drug addiction, mental illness, domestic violence, suicide from heartbreak. In particular, the 15-year-old children are struggling from such troubles. But no one helps him. He must be alive. Must survive. Actually, society, schools and adults can’t guard them
“Man of mission, he returned into his own and find the himself ” though RM a series of work, as the subject is “Demian” of Hermann Hesse. RM called, stand up on their own and solve them alone!

I think he is sending yell to the army

Bright world and the dark world, always have led to a parallel world, upset at any time. And they fight in there, rather than on their own. He has to battle as only one person, alone and lonely. He must fight with himself to find himself. But, RM wishes that you always overcome any problems.

Finally, JIN kissed the plaster image of Abraxas, with black feathers

BTS 画像

Abraxas, if it is God, is also the evil at the same time. When noticed and accepted in their presence, that hero will find himself. Hesse’s theme comes into view.

Bangtan Boys…finally, I can find that meaning completely

They’re the representative of the teens. Of course, Fans aren’t the only teens. But when I think about what RM’s message is …It is like the hero Sinclair of Demian, in a pure and decent thinking circuit. I think the boys and girls, they are looking for the exit.

Around the brain ad sense of RM is the beautiful BTS full of talent. Presence, such as they are, rarely appeared.