BTS / Jin LA Tour Solo “Epiphany” was amazing! The excitement of the audience was tremendous!

・ This article is an archive of JIN’s solo stage that I saw on YouTube after the 2018 LA tour.

The BTS World Tour has started. I saw them on YouTube in Los Angeles and thought they were the brightest group in the world right now. This time I focused on Jin’s solo stage … It was incredible beauty and splendor.

Solo stage with the loud cheers of the Ross venue.

At one point, fans talked about JIN having few opportunities to sing and dance in the group, but in “NOT TODAY”, the office added a JIN part after the release due to the dissatisfaction of the Army. However, when I saw the MV of “Epiphany” and the solo stage of the concert in the final chapter “Answer” of this “Love Yourself”, I thought that Jin’s role was in another place.

Jin’s performance was great. Not to mention his high-pitched singing voice and his expressiveness, it was clear that his appearance on the big screen attracted all BTS fans at the venue. It’s not the deeply carved beauty of Westerners, but the understated and somewhat sad beauty of truly transparent Asians. Jin call was happening with the excitement and screaming of the venue. It was a masterpiece.

The solo of “Awake” was great on the last “WINGS” tour. When Jin sang about himself, the song became a hot topic. The lyrics are as gentle as Jin, “I can’t fly high, but I want to cherish the six petals. I want to protect them.”

His appearance impresses people. I usually thought he was unpretentious when he gagged a good-looking guy and ate at Eat Jin, but he showed his best performance in this solo. His facial expression projected on the big screen was the face of the hero who was suitable for the answer to the series of stories that continued from “花様年華”.

The position of Jin is always on the axis of the story. He has always dominated the series from “花様年華” to “WINGS” and “Love Yourself”. I don’t know who the main character is because there is a theory that everything is Jin’s recollection, but this time I think it’s better not to consider Jin as one main character because there is a theory that everything is Jin’s recollection, but this time I think it’s better not to consider Jin as one of a group of seven boys who sing and dance. BTS is more than just an idol group. Even if you look at the high quality of the message in the series, the impact of the story on ARMY is enormous.

At this Los Angeles show, one of ARMY said in an interview, “I was suffering from depression, but I became a fan of BTS and overcame it.” BTS is a singer, dancer, and actor. Jin’s presence in a series of music videos is beautiful, short-lived, and sad. In “花様年華” he was impressed by his uneasy expression with a video camera in his hand. In “WINGS,” he played an important role in the final kiss of Abraxas. And this “Epiphany” is the core of “Answer” of “Love yourself”. Jin’s expressiveness, transparency, and beauty are everything.

How many times have you watched this solo video? How versatile is BTS? The ability and charm of each person are by far the best in K-POP. The screams and excitement of the Ross venue were communicated through the video. Let’s see the real thing at Tokyo Dome in November. I’m excited from now on.