BTS is loved in the world now. I’m paying attention to IQ148’s genius leader RM!

・This article is an archive I wrote shortly after “FAKE LOVE “was released.

This new song “Fake Love” is really wonderful. On May 20, 2018, they won the Billboard Music Awards for the second time following last year. (Social artist section)

 The world is enthusiastic about BTS now. Their singing, very high skill of dancing, power and belief, trust and love for fans (ARMY), big money generated by them has more excellent staff, and it is produced by making full use of its music, video technology, etc. This MV is an incredible beauty. 

BTS is a Korean boy group that debuted on June 13, 2013, BTS, which is at the top of the era.

In the photo above, from left to right, V, Suga, Jin, Jungkook, RM, Jimin, J-Hope.

Their office is Korea Big Hit Entertainment, Japan Universal Music, Def Jam Recordings Office.

K-POP Boys Group BTS Is now about to become the idol of the world. No, it can be said that it is an idol in the world at the moment. It was the second consecutive billboard, and BTS overtook Justin Bieber to win the award. I have been chasing their activities since “DANGER” in 2014. Especially for the talent of leader RM, he is amazing!!

He says that he is not good at dancing but songwriting, rap, language skills, but he has a lot of talents, and he has shown great unity by making full use of SNS with their fan ARMY. BTS is at the top of its popularity. The leader, RM, helps the members improve their skills, collaborates with other musicians, and releases wonderful songs in solo activities, wondering how many heads there are … a genius. The series targeting the dangerous ages that started with “花様年華” would have been impossible to continue due to financial reasons or something if we had not foreseen the present. In his private life, he seems to show his weakness to the members, but his talent for grasping the times is outstanding.

The great thing about him is that he doesn’t put himself in the position of a producer. With a genius brain of IQ148, ability to organize the story of the series, and a great sense of music, I think it’s okay to go to the side of producing separately, but he is always a member of the boy group called BTS. At the center of harsh activities. In addition to his songwriting, he has done his own singing and rap training, and that very hard and unique dance lesson, of course, all the performances.

He finds it meaningful to run with the members and ARMY. He values not only his head but also the work of feeling and creating with his own body. And, as I wrote before, it seems to me that he always goes back and forth between the micro and macro worlds. He was obsessed with the subtleties of sound like a craftsman today, but the next moment he look down at the times from a high place where you can look down on the earth……But it may sound exaggerated to think that…….

There were two memorable answers from his previous answer.

One was his answer when he was interviewed in the United States when “Not Today” became a hot topic on Billboard and then a remake of the song “Come Back Home” was another big hit.

“What kind of dream do you have in the future after getting the American dream? “
His calm answer to the question,

“No, we are Korean singers …”

is an episode that surprised the people around him.
“Come Back Home”, which was a hit at that time, also overlapped with his feelings.
“Let’s go home now! Before we lose sight of the way in the heat …”

And the other was an interview in the United States this year.
“What is BTS aiming for in the future? “
“It would be great if the activities of the group BTS could become part of the history of music. That is my biggest dream.”

These two answers tell the whole story of RM. He is very calm and sees everything. And I think it’s driven by his very good intuition, not his calculations. The desire to remain in history, not money or one-time fame, shows how confident he is in his series of works, something that no one really could ever do. Because it is. Many anarchy rock songs and popular songs rebelled against era, environment, and politics. But it was end with repulsion and problem raising and cry..

However, the theme of BTS is different. He gives the answer while staring at reality with a keen eye. Living is a series of hardships in all ages, especially the younger generation. RM also said that he was worried about various things when he was 14 to 15 years old. The stairs in the process of becoming an adult are tough. However, BTS sings, “ARMY is okay, it’s okay to lose tomorrow, so do your best today (Not Today).” They are the ones who push the shoulders of troubled teens.

The series from “I Need U” to “WINGS” “Love Yourself” speaks for the feelings of the dangerous generation of teens. And instead of just immersing himself in that feeling, he says BTS will overcome it together. They say that all their harsh lessons and performance activities are for ARMY, but I think that’s really BTS’s thoughts. A series and works that know the loneliness of teens and are close to them, and a song to support them. Together with ARMY, they talk about themselves, laugh, cry, and suffer openly, not in the position of a star, but at a distance where they can get a reply as soon as they talk on Twitter. This is also a popular secret.

BTS members are real idols. In addition to singing and dancing, they are excellent in appearance and personality. RM puts them together, and the members are idols among the idols who respect and follow such leaders. I don’t think it’s too much of a compliment. They are worth it now that the world is paying attention to. It’s an idol group that rarely appears. That is why ARMY continues to grow. The fans are enthusiastic.