Chapter1.Why BTS become an idol of the world? “花様年華”〜

Why are you crazy about BTS now?

BTS has become a trend of the times, as it has been seen in recent music awards such as the Billboard Grand Prize and Grammy Award nominations.

The momentum of the Korean K-POP super idol BTS, which set 23 Guinness World Records, is unstoppable.

Last year, President Moon granted BTS a special envoy qualification, and it is fresh in our memory that all the members accompanied the United Nations.

” President Moon goes to the United Nations with the K-POP idol?”

Unthinkable until now, they gave speeches with all seven members, and the performance started from the UN conference room and went out through the seven doors to dance with them and the various people of the city. It was a historic achievement. (There were a lot of surprise comments on the internet that the number of doors was seven, which was the same as the number of members.)

The success of BTS has become more global than you can imagine. I think many people wonder why they are

But I think It’s BTS!!!!

Starting from a small office, BTS will announce their production, songwriting, composition, and stories that can be said to be handmade, and their daily lives will also be posted on SNS, BTS became connected deeply with a fan base called ARMY in a completely new way.

If the group can’t afford it, use the leader’s head! The leader RM is a genius person with IQ148, and I think his ability to see through the times and people is wonderful. The final member, picked up by him and his office, was great. In particular, he has his own opinion about the members until the end, they are very excellent members of making lyrics, composition, song, and dance.

In the beginning, I had a strong impression that it was a boy group with a strong rebellious spirit where the rap line was conspicuous, but the direction changed from “I NEED U” of “花様年華”, and the story was like being close to the loneliness of teens. BTS announced it.

A series of stories and answers from “I NEED ”

” I NEED U “

When the heat-up of the big hit of “DANGER” settled down a little, I was shocked by the Korean version of “I NEED U” MV. I really think that was the beginning of this big boom.

A boy who stabbed his father from domestic violence and was seriously guilty, a boy who was addicted to drugs, a boy who wandered out of the city, a boy who set fire to the hotel from the pain of a broken heart, etc. I remember the MV scene has boys’ deeply dark trouble.
The song was beautiful singing with a high-tone voice.


The seven members of the group found each to be unique and attractive. After that, when I saw “BUTTERFLY” released immediately, I knew that “I NEED U” had a sequel.

A boy who stabs his father and bears a heavy sin dives into the sea to judge himself in front of his companions. With the sea at dusk in the background, his appearance is sad with beautiful lyrics and a high-tone voice that looks like a butterfly. When I saw it, this series and group are amazing! I thought.

防弾少年団(Bulletproof Boys group)… mysterious name … but I thought I’d chase after it.

Leader RM was concerned about “the loneliness of teens.”

And the next series “WINGS” … I wondered why BTS would challenge such a dark theme.

However, at the beginning of “BEGIN”, I was surprised to see the scene where Jungkook was asked “How old are you?” And answered that he was 15 years old. And I was convinced by reading the original draft of Hermann Hesse’s “Damian”.

BTS was a group trying to become the armor of troubled teens.

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