Chapter 3. Why BTS become an idol of the world?


And while BTS convey such wonderful content with beautiful appearance and voice, outstanding teamwork, and daily life of bright, interesting, and young sensibility on SNS, they do harsh lessons of singing and dancing, and creative activities of songwriting. , Continues to stand on the stage with a high degree of perfection. The deep message is wrapped in the sweet sugar of idols.

I think BTS is a group that would deserve to win a Grammy. (I think so a few years ago and now too)

After this, “Map of The Soul” and the recent blockbusters ”DYNAMITE”, ”BUTTER”, ”Permission To Dance” will continue, but I think that the whole concept can be seen in the three series explained. It’s popularity continues to increase its acceleration and go around the earth.

After the big hit of “LOVE YOURSELF”, in November 2017, UNICEF and BTS, Big Hit Entertainment formed a partnership to support UNICEF’s END violence campaign.

At the UNICEF-sponsored “LOVE MYSELF” campaign on July 30, 2019, BTS leader RM gave a highly message-oriented speech reminiscent of his childhood and past.

After the hit of “LOVE YOURSELF”, RM’s speech at the United Nations, which also linked to a series of BTS works, was wonderful.

“Most people said they had no hope for BTS. Sometimes I thought so and wanted to give up, but I was lucky not to give up. I and BTS will continue to do so. I think I’ll fail. Now BTS has performed in a large stadium and has become a singer who sells millions of tickets, but I’m still a normal 24-year-old youth. Yesterday I may have made a mistake, but yesterday I am still myself. Today I am a collection of past mistakes and completed. That mistake is me and the brightest stars in my life. I learned how to love myself as I am now, and to myself in the past and the future. I want you to learn how to love yourself. What is your name? What makes you interested? ??”h

The content of UNICEF’s “LOVE MYSELF” campaign “Let’s start by loving ourselves” caught the hearts of not only those who were there but also those who saw the video.

And the era rushes into the COVID-19 wreck.

This time, not only teens but people all over the world were exhausted.

The world is now fighting invisible horror. This is the first time that many people have died and the devil’s hands seem to be close at hand.

Meanwhile, I recently noticed that the number of BTS senior ARMYs I had never seen around me suddenly increased. Everyone says it.

“Because they have a very good personality and are beautiful, and the songs and dances are very good.”

She happily stares at their printed cafe au lait bottle, she’s almost 70 years old

People who are over 70years old cannot stand in front of loneliness without helpings like teenagers.

At that time, the beautiful boy group that reminds us of the importance of our friends says that just looking at it will heal our hearts.

Member Jin said at the press conference:

“ARMY says that BTS speaks for their feelings. We’ve come to hear those words and we’re starting to feel responsible. I grew up with my fans. “

Of course, there are several members with genius songwriting ability and several members with genius dance skills and expressiveness, and there are also members with attractive appearance suitable for the center, and there are many blockbuster songs. However, teamwork, the kindness of companionship, and pure gaze are not only for teens, but now, regardless of age, nationality, and gender, their popularity is spreading all over the world.

The bond with their fans called ARMY, which they have created through their activities so far, seems to draw a beautiful chain on the earth now that the world is exhausted.

Without being forced by anyone, the naturally formed bond will carry the slogan of peace across the globe. And finally, like the last of “Permission To Dance” in one of the MVs, I think the day will come when everyone will remove the mask.

“Permission To Dance” is their message to peace that transcends all such barriers.

The release of the next new series is awaited.

Thank you to everyone who read it