BTS “NOT TODAY” Is a Slogan For All Teens!!

・This article was written for Japanese viewers immediately after the release of “Not Today”.

BTS popularity will not cool down

Their work has been acclaimed by Billboard America! The intense message of the K-POP group BTS “NOT TODAY” will sound. BTS breaks through 20 million times in 66 hours does not stop momentum. This month they announced works that can be said to be the top points of the past.

Their new work continues the trend of the times, like the excitement of MAMA at the end of last year and the prize of each music award. Their popularity will not cool down. “Stand up, never lose today, you are not walking alone” BTS is now shouting for ARMY (a fan supporting BTS)

That cry is “Not Today”

BTS 画像

BTS has a consistent theme

“Stop prejudice of teens and in twenties. And protect their music safe”    In the series of works RM, ‘Hermann Hesse’s “Demian” was expressed as an image the last time. He said, “Go back to yourself, finding yourself is a human mission.”
To all the teenagers, RM said on the last “WINGS”.

“Suicide, drag addiction, psychosis, domestic violence, sorrow, danger is always next door
“When dangerous, you should not help the devil, a small lie develops into a big crime.
But no one will help you. You must be alive. You need to survive. The bright world and the dark world are always connected like a parallel world and always invert. Everyone must make alone fight as a person.”

But the hope of RM is that he wants you to overcome the problems you encounter

He strongly says you can do it. Though we can lose tomorrow, so he thinks that we will not lose today. Today is not a day to lose・・・・.
And he is telling the message.” You never walk alone” is the title of this album. And boys and girls who have a pure and decent thinking circuit like Hermann Hesse’s “Demian“ heroes chosen as the last theme are looking for an exit. BTS is saying to walk together.

RM is a genius leader with a threat brain called IQ 148

Leader’s clear will, beautiful image, sense of innovative message, story born from singing and dancing of high skill, what BTS express is not limited to K-POP but has a universal meaning.
I think “Not Today” is the slogan of a teenager who is feeling a lot of stress.

When “Not Today” was released, I was excited when I finished watching it.
Such a group does not easily appear.

I am big applause, including past activities.