Big Impact of “Into The Magic Shop” which inspired “Love Yourself”! BTS is not just an idol group!


I read “Into the Magic Shop” which influenced “Love Yourself”. I read this book and really understood what RM wanted to do as BTS. It was shocking!
This book has the subhead “Magic that opens the door to a life that Stanford University’s brain surgeons taught”. It was very positive and impressive content written about so-called mindfulness.

Perhaps, I thought that RM and BTS stood on that Billboard stage with this magic after reading a book. (Magic’s way of doing is described in detail)

This has been written about many times, but the series starting from “花様年華” is really wonderful.
In particular, “WINGS” with the theme of “Teen’s loneliness” from “I Need U” to Hermann Hesse’s “Demian” and “花様年華” evolved, followed by “Love Yourself”. Such a story development is a worldview which could not be created without BTS.
It is thanks to RM with an outstanding mind and sense for music and BTS with members who trust him truly. They teach me the importance of my friends.
The world and music produced by RM are a bit painful.
He knows how a generation close to him is sensitive and near to death.
Like the parallel world, the dark world is reversed at any time, leading to crime and death. So do not lose! Stand up on your own! He has kept sending the message against ailment for a long time.
“Even if you revolt against school, family and order, do not throw your own pride away. Believe in yourself!”

“Into The Magic Shop” says your life can only be decided by yourself.

The meaning behind BTS is “to stop suppression and prejudice in teens and 20s and to defend their music,” but of course it is not only in music.
There is a wish for us from BTS to live positively. And they are saying that they will walk together.

RM sticks closely to BTS; they try to communicate themselves using SNS as well and try to connect with ARMY. They also have troubles every day, make efforts, and go to their real live stages. It is exactly because it is youth and he wants to share the reality that he can only do with members and ARMY. The sense of sharing spreads to the circle of fans around the world.

There were plenty of anarchist groups and songs that rebelled against society and order in the past.
However, they all sing of rebellion, problem raising and lamentation. BTS does not give up anything.

“Into The Magic Shop” said that through the life of a brain surgeon of Stanford University, how the brain and the heart resonate and bring about change in life.
“Magic to open the door of life” In the form of a book, it teaches very easily.
RM chose this book as the answer to the story so far.
I think that the answer to Teens’ loneliness and troubles going from “花様年華” to “WINGS” is “Not Today”. There was a time when “Love Yourself” felt like a puzzle game played as a story dating back to “I NEED U”.
However, it was different. What RM is trying to accomplish is a deeper and bigger world.
ARMY is expanding the circle now all over the world. Meanwhile, the draft was announced the other day.
This book is now sold out one after another.
Affirm self, connect with others, resonate and cooperate, have an open mind and great love. This book is a wonderful book that introduces the magic that everyone can do.

Each member of BTS is attractive, and they are real idols. However, they truly grew mentally with RM. This book teaches that when we get wealth and fame, what we do next is giving. And BTS is seriously working on that activity.

BTS donated 100,000 dollars to the bereaved families of the victims after the accident that killed about 300 students after the Sewol Ferry vessel sunk in the coast of Korea on April 2014. They declared their position by doing so.

A few years ago, BTS member Suga said that he would buy beef for fans if they became rich. And in 2018, Suga donated $19,000 of beef to orphans on behalf of ARMY on his birthday. Fans who resonated with this made donations similar to Suga themselves.

Also, when BTS partnered with UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) in anti-violent “Love Yourself” campaign, ARMY confirmed the group can help as their fans. And in May, ARMY joined the campaign to send food to malnourished children conducted by UNICEF USA and achieved a donation of 1 million dollars in less than 2 days.

The number of fans who share and resonate with BTS continues to increase. This is really wonderful magic.

I also wrote at the beginning, but BTS definitely used this magic. BTS went out to that Billboard awards ceremony, and twice RM made a speech with thankful words. People could achieve all of their wishes if they can strongly imagine themselves being what they want to be. “Into The Magic Shop” would teach you!!

But the goodness of this handsome idol group is from their bright and gentle minds, and they know it well themselves.
And the new songs now appeal to worldwide taste and continue to evolve. They sing songs like the comical “Anpanman” and sexy melodies like “Airplane pt.2” in Latin rhythm. There are fans who are passionate about this fantastically beautiful idol group, fans who understand and follow the vision that RM is making, fans who feel the freshness in the new various genres of music, and more.
I think BTS may expand its activity to big one movement in the future.
This book is an incredibly nice gift for ARMY.
For me, this book became the best one in my life.
If any ARMY has not read it yet, please read it and see this magic for yourself !!!